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Taxi driver Ahmadi ‘sexually violated 3 different passengers’

Homayon Ahmadi

Homayon Ahmadi, 34, of New Road, Uxbridge, pled guilty to rape and sexual assault after he used his position as a taxi driver to prey on vulnerable women. The judge gave a hefty sentence of 13 years plus a further 7 years on an extended license, while making damning remarks about his conduct.

Ahmadi collected his first victim from a hospital after being discharged, and could even be seen to be wearing slippers on CCTV. After insisting she pay for her journey with sex, he went on to rape her at approximately 11pm.

She said her partner would pay upon arrival at her destination, but Ahmadi instead pulled into a garage, and forcefully held her down as he raped her. When she was dropped off in the street, onlookers could see she was in a ‘highly distressed’ state, and police were called.

After a medical examination Ahmadi’s semen was found on her underwear, but because he was not previously known to police, it could not be matched to him.

In a victim impact statement, the woman said she constantly suffers flashbacks and “paralysing fear”, adding: “The rape has had a major impact on my life and I am constantly afraid and am no longer able to focus on my studies.”

Homayon Ahmadi
Ahmadi was connected to the rape after a subsequent arrest

Three months later, 2 young students attended Heaven nightclub on Villiers Street and hired an Uber in the early morning to travel to Greenwich. While waiting for it, the victim’s phone died and they asked drivers on scene if they were waiting for passengers with their name.

After seeing the two girls, Ahmadi falsely alleged her was their driver so the girls entered. After some time, they noticed he was not taking a route that would deliver them to their destination; he even entered an off license to buy Jameson’s and Fanta, offering them a drink. He then insisted they go to his home and called them ‘boring’ when they consistently refused.

Ahmadi later pulled over on Hornsey Street, Islington, and demanded one of them sit next to him in the passenger seat. At this point, they both attempted to leave, and that was when he sexually the first victim, while her friend made efforts to stop him.

He then began sexually assaulting the second women before fleeing. They reported the incident to the police also but again, police could not identify Ahmadi, particularly because the victims could not identify the off-license so there were no viable leads.

The off-license would have led to CCTV or ID testimony

A break-through came later on, and Ahmadi was later arrested on suspicion of drink driving, but while in custody, officers made the connection. He was then interviewed for these historical matters, and went ‘no comment’ to most questions, while claiming the sex was consensual.

In court, after pleading guilty, Ahmadi told the court how he had been dealing with depression, PTSD, and alcoholism as he fled Kabul after his wife had been killed in a suicide bombing.

Speaking of the impact his actions had on the women, Judge Elizabeth Lowe said: “Women are entitled to go out if they want to, they are entitled to drink alcohol, they are entitled to get drunk, they are entitled to walk alone and they are entitled to do all of those things without fear of being sexually assaulted or raped by men like you.” She continued: “Everyone should appreciate, the only person to blame for those nights is you and the impact on these brave women is you.”

The judge called him “predatory and exploitative”, sentencing him for 13 years with an additional extended licence period of 7 years. He also had a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, and restraining orders. Upon his release, he cannot apply for a license or act as a taxi driver.

Detective Constable Natalie Alchin, who led the investigation, said: “Ahmadi is a predatory offender and we are pleased he is behind bars and unable to cause further harm. The victims in the case played a vital part in his conviction and we hope that this case encourages other women who have been subject to sexual offences to come forward.”

DC Alchin added: “There may be other victims of Ahmadi who until now have not spoken to police. If you believe this is you, please contact us on 101. We have specialist officers who will support you.”

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