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The top 3 dagenham chinese takeaways

Top Dagenham Chinese Takeouts

Dagenham Chinese takeaways thrive in the borough. It appears local residents clearly favour the oriental version of Special Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Ribs, and Chicken Chow Mein. Therefore, it was only right we compile the restaurants at the top of the list in the area. This list has been put together after surveying local residents, and trialing all 3 restaurants ourselves.

Fu Min (Martins Corner)

Located on Wood Lane, RM9, Fu Min was a name we routinely heard when speaking to Dagenham residents, and with a rating of 5.3/6 of Just Eat, that’s no surprise. They’re a very traditional Chinese restaurant, so you can expect what you would expect from any Chinese takeout across the nation.


Located on Lodge Avenue, RM9, Aroma has a beautifully modern design, and was another named routinely praised by local residents. One of the newer places on this list, but with a 4.5/5 google rating they are performing excellently.

The Rice Hut

On Oxlow Lane, RM10 is The Rice Hut, and as the name suggests, local residents spoke highly of their rice dishes, praising the freshness and flavour every time. With a 4.2/6 rating on Just Eat, they aren’t performing as consistently as the other two on this list, but within the local community they are tried, tested, and trusted.

After trialing all 3, our favourite Dagenham Chinese takeaway was Fu Min. Their Special Fried Rice was bursting with great flavour, but not just that, their beef chow mein and Chinese style duck was some of the best we’ve had in the local area.

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