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Tran ‘helped 709 people cheat on exams’

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Alex Tran

Alex Tran, 60, of Laval, Quebec is in trouble for cheating on exams, and he now owes the provincial government hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Laval, Quebec resident was found guilty and fined in connection with a tax evasion case in which he assisted hundreds of individuals in cheating on the province’s theory driving exam.

Revenu Québec announced on Thursday that Alex Tran was given a suspended prison sentence of two years less one day and a $227,000 fine for his participation in the scheme.

60-year-old Tran allegedly provided his clients with a camera and earphone so that he could see the questions and provide the correct answers on the province’s written driving exam. According to the tax revenue agency, 709 individuals utilised his services in exchange for payment.

Revenu Québec initiated an investigation into Tran’s activities and confiscated his 2019 and 2020 agendas. The agendas contained information regarding dates, times, and people.

The investigation revealed that Tran earned $426,950 in unreported income during the first year, followed by $232,670 in 2020. According to Revenu Québec, this indicates he did not pay approximately $36,000 in taxes.

On April 18, Tran pled guilty to four counts against him and was sentenced.

Revenu Québec would not declare whether the hundreds of individuals who cheated on their driver’s examinations were punished.

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