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Trans people to ‘be excluded from single-sex spaces’

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trans people to be excluded from single sex spaces

The UK’s Minister for Women and Equalities, Kemi Badenoch, has announced her consideration to alter the Equality Act to bar people who identify as transsexual from ordinarily single-sex spaces. The Equality Act is the UK’s predominant form of anti-discrimination legislation.

The proposal would alter the protected characteristic of ‘sex’ to become a biological reference, and, of-course, this can differ from a person’s legal sex if they have undergone legal gender change.

This comes after Badenoch asked the UK Equalities and Human Rights commission (EHRC) back in February to consider alterations to the Act.

In response, the EHRC said “if ‘sex’ is defined as biological sex for the purposes of the Act, this would bring greater legal clarity”.

The Beaumont society had the following to say: “The proposal is the U.K. government’s latest attack on transgender people, the result of the growing influence of anti-trans ‘gender critical’ groups on both the government and the EHRC.

It is astonishing that the organisation responsible for advising the UK Government on equality and human rights issues should suggest that the rights of people who are included in one of the nine protected characteristics should be sacrificed to no-one else’s benefit.

The purpose of this suggestion is to exclude trans women, but it will also make life much more complicated for trans men. It is clear that those responsible for this document know nothing about trans people and presumably have not met any or talked with trans people about the issues that they face.

It is no wonder that so many senior staff at the EHRC have resigned. They did not join the EHRC to reduce equality or tamper with other people’s human rights.”

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