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Truro’s Dillon sacked due to ‘historical child rape allegation’

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Mark Dillon Truro sexual misconduct

Mark Dillon, a healthcare practitioner of Truro and Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust, was formally sacked after a misconduct hearing finalised on 20/03/2023. This was primarily due to an allegation he attempted to rape a minor, and secondarily due to his dishonesty in failing to make healthcare regulators aware he had been placed under investigation.

Between 2007 and 2010, it was deemed that Mark Dillon extensively groped and massaged a child’s ‘breasts and vagina’ and rubbed his penis against her vagina in order to fulfil his sexual fantasies.

Some of these incidents occurred in the backseat of a car, outside of the view of other people in order to provide him privacy and secrecy.

In 2010 he also attempted to rape her, and although he was determined in his efforts, could not successfully penetrate her. He could not get his penis inside her.

The accused refused to attend the hearing.

The healthcare regulator HCPTS said his actions were so serious that they have brought the profession into disrepute, and that under no circumstances will a person who has engaged in sexual offences against children be allowed to remain in such unrestricted practice.

They noted that some of his actions were repetitive in nature and spanned a great length of time. Additionally, he showed no insight into his actions, and all this demonstrates that he has attitudinal issues therefore they will not consider a temporary suspension, or alternative disciplines.

All members of the panel deemed barring him from the Health and Care Professions Council was necessary to protect the public.

Factored into the panel’s decision-making was that after the allegation came to light, he never informed HCPS despite it being mandatory for him to do so. He repeatedly made efforts to conceal that he was accused of such criminality, and due to ‘procedural failures’, the information was never shared with HCPS.

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