Home London News Tuitt ‘raped 12 year old girl in Kings Cross toilets’

Tuitt ‘raped 12 year old girl in Kings Cross toilets’

Alvin Tuitt raped 12 year old girl

Alvin Tuitt, 24, of Boone Street, Lewisham, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for the rape of a 12 year old girl in the disabled toilets at Kings Cross understand station. The judge gave him an additional 5 years of extended license.

Alvin Tuitt made an advance to the victim at Maryland station when she was travelling to Kings Cross, gave her a power pack to charge her phone, and paid for her train ticket.

He joined her on her journey and then took her to a disabled toilets where he raped her once and made efforts to rape her again. She went to the police and he was arrested within 24 hours.

Detective Constable Mark Pink said: “The victim in this case was 12 years old and was extremely vulnerable. She has been extremely brave in telling police what happened and providing testimony to assist the investigation.

“The effect that this incident has had on her life and that of her family cannot be measured. Tuitt is a predator with a previous conviction for a similar offence and he rightfully now faces a long time behind bars.”

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