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UPDATE: Dagenham’s Billy Channon, remanded in prison following ‘sexual interactions with 12 year olds’

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Billy Channon

We previously released that Billy Channon, of RM8, Dagenham, was arrested on October 8 after allegedly engaging in sexual communications with minors and carrying a knife in a public place. He has now been charged and remanded into prison, where he will stay until he attends court to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.

Billy Channon was caught in an investigation by online safeguarding groups Taking Action Against Predators and Justice4Kids.

The allegations were that Channon, a father and long-time resident of the Greater London community, contacted what he believed were two 12 year old children on social media, asking them to masturbate themselves for him. He later attempted to meet up with them for sexual contact.

Things escalated even further when the team attempted to conduct a citizens arrest while awaiting the attending of the Metropolitan Police. Footage surfaced of Channon tackling one of them to the ground, declaring he had a knife, and pulling it out in an attempt to intimidate them before fleeing.

His image was circulated in a public appeal and he was swiftly re-arrested on October 8.

The alleged sex offender has been charged and remanded into prison to await court proceedings. If convicted, the alleged predator could been handed 2 years per sexual communication with a minor charge, and 2 and a half years for possessing a knife in a public place.

Update: He has been given conditional bail to appear at Snaresbrook Crown Court for plea on the 8th of November.

His bail conditions are as follows:

  • Live and sleep each night at the address provided to the court.
  • Register all electronic devices capable of accessing the internet with Romford Police Station.
  • Not to contact witnesses.
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