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Video surfaces of officer punching man ‘9 times in the head in chokehold’

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police punching man in head

A police officer was captured on camera repeatedly striking a man in the head while holding him in a chokehold on the ground.

A man’s face is held to the ground by a male and female police officer in a video clip.

The officer holds the individual by the neck with his arm and delivers nine striking blows to his head.

As the female officer places restraints on him, he could be seen struggling and gasping in agony.

In a second footage, he can be seen being put in a police van with a wounded and swollen face.

North Wales Police believes the incident occurred as Welsh police apprehended a 34-year-old male from the Pensyflog neighbourhood of Porthmadog on Wednesday.

The suspect was reportedly transported to a hospital for treatment before being taken into custody.

The force stated they are conducting a “comprehensive investigation” and have referred the matter to the Independent Office of Police Conduct.

A Twitter user who shared the video urged for the dismissal of the officer who launched the strikes.

The video has sparked astonishment and outrage online, with some commenters questioning the entire force.

A police spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of videos circulating on social media.

‘This matter is currently being fully investigated by North Wales Police and further updates will be issued in due course.’

An IOPC spokesperson said: ‘We became aware this morning (Thursday) of a video shared on social media showing an incident in Porthmadog involving a police officer.

‘We have now received a referral from North Wales Police which is being assessed to determine what action may be needed by the IOPC.’

Andy Dunbobbin, North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, said: ‘The video that is circulating of the arrest of a male in Porthmadog is concerning.

‘I have discussed this incident with the Chief Constable this morning and she has confirmed the matter is rightly being investigated by North Wales Police, who will be issuing further updates in due course.

‘As Police and Crime Commissioner, I take such incidents seriously and will work with the police and other bodies to understand the circumstances behind the footage and act accordingly when the facts are established.’

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