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Walker becomes the 19th officer at the same prison to be sacked for a ‘sexually inappropriate’ relationship with an inmate

  • HMP Berwyn has been dubbed 'Britain's cushiest jail'
  • Roxanne Walker says she 'fell in love' with the inmate
  • Her marriage has now broken down

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Roxanne Walker

Roxanne Walker, 34, a HMP Berwyn prison guard of Molyneux Close, Upton, Merseyside, has been convicted of misconduct in public office after confessing to a sexually inappropriate relationship with an inmate. We previously discussed how 18 officers of Berwyn have previously been fired for similar conduct.

Roxanne Walker was seen by coworkers flirting with prisoner Daniel Carter. They were seen being ‘inappropriately close’ as staff described seeing her grope him and spend excessive amounts of time with him, and these concerns were raised with her superiors.

Despite being married, Walker later told staff he was her ‘type’, and used a false name to get her number added onto the list of numbers Carter was authorised to call from his in-cell phone. An investigation revealed they were engaging in sexually explicit conversations and discussing ‘going away together’.

Prior to a formal, criminal investigation, her superiors invited her to a meeting and gave her warnings to desist from further inappropriate conduct, but the relationship continued and thus, she was subsequently arrested at her home address, which also revealed cannabis for ‘personal use’.

In her police station interview she confessed: ‘I’ve made a mistake. I’ve fallen in love with Daniel Carter; it’s completely wrong.’ 

Walker, whose marriage has now broken down, received a nine months prison sentence, suspended for two years, in addition to 200 hours of unpaid work.

Prosecutor Ryan Rothwell informed Mold Crown Court about how Walker, from Upton in Merseyside, started working as a prison officer in 2021.

‘She undertook a ten week training course which included corruption prevention and conditioning,’ he said. 

Andrew McInnes, defending, said: ‘She knows how serious these matters are – and how an inappropriate relationship can undermine security.

‘She has undoubtedly put herself in danger.’

He stated that Walker had been identified to be suffering from borderline personality disorder, and the evaluation showed that she is compassionate and tender but easily fooled.

Picture of HMP Berwyn
HMP Berwyn has been dubbed Britains cushiest jail

Mr McInnes continued: ‘In her words, she’d fallen in love with Daniel Carter; a prisoner who has, it seems, a history of conditioning behaviour towards staff members.

‘She realised she’d been manipulated. He told her what she wanted to hear. Her marriage was in difficulties and this was perhaps a vulnerable time in her life.

‘She was a target and was indeed conditioned. The relationship, whilst serious, didn’t progress physically.’

Judge Niclas Parry told her: ‘There’s a very good reason why, during your induction and training, significant emphasis was placed on the importance of having appropriate relationships with prisoners.

‘The security of the prison, the safety of staff, prison discipline and the safety of other prisoners are all placed at risk when officers fall to be controlled by prisoners.

‘You were fully aware of maintaining an appropriate distance, but selfishly, you went ahead and had such a relationship.

‘You’ve lost your employment and your marriage has ended, all as a result of your misconduct.

‘But to your credit, you have found alternative employment and there, you’re highly regarded.’

Judge Parry issued a sentence of nine months, but decided there were ‘exceptional’ features in the case, and thus, was swayed to suspend it for two years.

He noted that the illicit relationship was not used to facilitate the movement of contraband into the prison, and, she is also a single mother.

‘What aggravates the matter is you were observed on numerous occasions to be acting inappropriately and on each occasion you were either given a warning to help you but then you were given a support meeting to further underline what had been emphasised during your training, but you continued.

A picture of Ayshea Gunn kissing an inmate
A picture of Walkers co-worker, Ayshea Gunn, kissing an inmate

‘When the phones were examined the full extent of your relationship was revealed. You had provided this prisoner with a private number so he could contact you when you were not working. This continued even after the prisoner was moved to another establishment in South Wales.”

A Prison Service spokesman said: ‘The overwhelming majority of Prison Service staff are hardworking and dedicated and we will not hesitate to punish those who break the rules.

‘Over 500 members of staff at HMP Berwyn have undertaken corruption prevention training in the last 18 months and our enhanced security is protecting the prison against attempts to smuggle illicit items inside.’

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