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Youth worker Osman ‘faked being girl, 16, to groom over 70 minors’

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Cameron Osman

Cameron Osman, 44, of Conistan Road, Southampton, used the identity LizzieLemon to build a sexually perverted ‘fantasy’ in which he targeted minors aged 12 to 16. He found his victims on Instagram, MyLol, and Love Crush before moving on to video chat sites such as Skype.

The ex-children’s camp manager would inform victims that LizzieLemon, 16, was from Bristol or Birmingham and had a reputation for dominating guys in school uniforms and sports gear. He would then engage them in sexualized conversation as well as teacher/student role-playing. On video sites he would pretend that his camera had broken.

Victims were located all throughout the UK, including Croydon, Edgware, and Peckham, and the offences occurred between 2020 and 2021. Investigators in the United States also discovered chat records revealing Osman’s sexualized conversations with boys from 27 different nations. Furthermore, he was looking for underage boys in Colombia and planned to fly there.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) tracked Osman down to a friend’s residence in East Sussex and arrested him in September 2021. Officers confiscated his laptop and phone, which indicated he had contacted 76 boys. They also discovered that Osman had resigned from his employment at the summer camp few days before his arrest.

As the investigation was ongoing, Osman was granted bail, however, he committed a further offence and thus was re-arrested on March 27th.

Osman appeared at St Albans Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday, May 2) where he pleaded guilty to 36 separate charges, including attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity, causing a child to engage in sexual activity, sexual communication with a child, and making 2 Category C indecent images of children. His sentencing will be June 30th.

Danielle Pownall, NCA Operation Manager, said: “Cameron Osman callously preyed on vulnerable teenage boys masquerading as a teenage girl for his own sexual gratification. I have no doubt, if we had not stopped Osman, he would have gone onto commit more severe offending.”

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